Saturday 28 December 2013

Garam Masala - “The Magic Spices of Cooking………”

Hearty Welcome to my blog Hearty Welcome to my blog “Garam
Masala”- “The Magic Spices of Cooking………”

Garam Masala 

   “Garam Masala”-  is a blog, specialized in traditional South Indian food ( especially Kerala. I am also interested in trying new recipes.), and healthy food practices. This blog blossomed in 2013 and taken on a life of its own created and maintained by Fousiya Faizal.
   I feel, our traditional recipes have started disappearing from our daily diet. People are running behind the junk food ( it is the food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories fast foods).  They become the victim of Habitual Diseases.

             “Eat to live, don't live to eat.”

                                                      - Benjamin Franklin.

    Basically, it means that eating should be something you do to live, get the right nutrients etc., not the place where you get enjoyment. Here, I suggest sticking on our grandma, mom and mother-in-law from whom we learnt traditional recipes. The contents of this blog come from various sources like from books, my family, friends etc.

About the contents

  “Garam Masala” offers, traditional South Indian (especially Kerala, I am also interested in trying new recipes.) food recipes and healthy food practices. 

Behind the name - Garam Masala  
   Garam Masala  - 'warming spice mix' is a blend of ground spices common in  Indian and other South Asian cuisines. This easy-to-make spice blend is the heart of most Indian dishes. A combination of different spices, it probably has as many recipes as there are families in India! Here is a basic one. Once you get a feel for the taste it gives your cooking, experiment and alters it to suit your needs.   


  1. Without Garam Masala, Indian food is incomplete... Thanks for providing us such an interesting article...

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