Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pazham Nirachathu Malabar Iftar dish

Pazham Nirachathu
         Pazham nirachathu is one of the tasty snack from Malabar. In this recipe, a stuffing is prepared by using coconut, sugar mixture and filled in banana. You can also make it rich by adding  nuts.
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1.     Ripe bananas (Nenthrapazham) – 2 nos
2.     Sugar  - 50 gms.
3.     Grated Coconut – ¼ cup.
4.     Cardamom – 3-5 nos.
5.     Maida – ½ cup.
6.     Coconut oil for frying.
7.     Water.
Method of  Preparation:
1.Heat a pan, Add grated coconuts, cardamom, and sugar, and saute well.
3. Switch of the flame when nice aroma comes.
4. In a bowl take maida / all-purpose flour in a bowl,add sugar and salt, mix well. Add enough amount of water to it and make a thick batter.
5. Peel the banana and make a shallow slit lengthwise. Remove the center portion (black seeds).
6. Fill the fried coconut - sugar mixture into the slit. Seal it by using batter we already prepared. 
7. Heat oil in another pan, Shallow fry the stuffed bananas till they become golden brown in color.
9. Now our pazham nirachathu is ready to serve. 
10. Serve it, Enjoy!!!! 

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